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Nature Photography

In My Own Backyard 

Through the Eyes of My Lens

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Welcome to My Backyard

I have always had a love for nature. I don't know if I have ever been more fortunate than to happen upon my cozy home, surrounded by nature in a small town called Stella, North Carolina. Stella is just outside the beautiful quaint town of Swansboro. I call this site "Home with Diana" because I want you to feel the essence of home and nature right here in my own backyard. Once I arrived here, I had to learn how to capture the magnificence of what was in abundance around me, so I began learning photography. I am still learning, I hope these images touch your soul and remind you to look all around you for the beauty. It is always there. Even in the darkness. 



Diana Iannarone

Click my Instagram to see how I utilize my photography in the hope of helping people reconnect to nature, themselves, and those they love. I have merged my joy of coaching and my love of photography by incorporating inspiring messages with the beauty of nature.


You can learn more about my Life Reinvention work at:



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